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SKIP spring music thing

Original Air Date: March 27th

An Event To Thank You for Supporting SKIP


On Saturday, March 27th the Soup Kitchen in Provincetown (SKIP) presented a “music thing” to thank you, our community, for your generous support this challenging season.  SKIP had to overcome many obstacles to prepare and distribute six meals each week, totaling more than 25,000 meals this season, up 10,000 more than a typical year. Thanks to your generous donations and the work of many dedicated volunteers, SKIP adapted and succeeded. That could not have been done without you!

We called this event a “music thing” not a concert, because of its made-in Provincetown variety: drag performers, classical musicians and cabaret artists, all for your entertainment.  The show closed with a performance by a wonderful, new talent poised to be a local headliner this summer. We thank all of the wonderful performers for supporting SKIP, and hope you get to enjoy their performances this summer in Provincetown. 


You can watch the previously televised show courtesy of Provincetown Television here.


Special thanks to Eric Maul for producing this show, Amy Davies of PTV for editing and broadcasting it, and Jon Richardson for streaming it on Live From Provincetown and Virtual Piano Bar and all of Provincetown's wonderful performers!

Meet The Performers

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