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Volunteers are an important and essential part of the Soup Kitchen in Provincetown (SKIP). Individuals who choose to give their time and talents to SKIP will find many opportunities to be helpful to those in the community.  By serving SKIP in its mission to provide nourishing meals to people in and around Provincetown, volunteers quickly appreciate that every hour given greatly enhances the lives of guests and their families.  We have two volunteer shifts, Monday through Friday.  In Shift I, from 9:30 am - 12:00 am, you will help with food preparation under the guidance of the SKIP executive chef.  Shift II, from 11:45 am - 2 pm, entails serving food and clean-up.  From food preparation to dining room service and clean-up, volunteers experience a rich fellowship with one another that extends to those who are served. SKIP can use volunteer help in the preparation, serving and clean-up of meals as well as occasional help with general office work and fundraising events. 


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